1.3mm Flexible Fiberoptic Endoscope


Myelotec 3030 flexible fiber optic endoscopes are used with Myelotec Steerable Video Guided catheters to examine conditions within the lower spinal column. The 3030 endoscope can only be used with the 2033 Video Guided Catheters.

Sterilization Instructions
  • 3030 has 1.3mm outer diameter with 30k pixel fiber bundle
  • Approximately 40X magnification, depending on the eyepiece coupler and the video system
  • 70° field of view; 0° angle of view
  • 32mm eyecup
  • 85cm effective length
  • For use with universal camera systems
  • Permits direct visualization of conditions inside the lower spine with minimal impact on the patient's musculoskeletal structure